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Peptide Therapy & Hormone Replacement Therapy located in Midtown Manhattan, New York, NY

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Peptide Optimization Therapy

Try one of our five revolutionary programs using a multitude of different peptide combinations proven to achieve results in both men and women.

For Facial Anti-Aging
Advitam’s Skin Rejuvenating Injectable Peptide Protocol features injectable skin-rejuvenating peptides to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
For Hormone Balance
Advitam’s Hormone Balancing Peptide Protocol features injections of growth hormone-releasing peptides to stimulate your body to produce growth hormone again — making you feel more youthful and energetic.
For Post Surgical Healing
Advitam’s Surgical Healing Peptide Protocol is for patients interested in expediting the healing and recovery process of their surgical procedures, enhancing their post-surgical outcomes and maintaining results indefinitely.

For Weight Loss
Advitam’s Weight Loss Peptide Protocol features a combination of injectable peptides to jumpstart your metabolism and assist in weight loss.

For Longevity
Advitam’s Ultimate Longevity Peptide Protocol is a year-long concierge program with an emphasis on restoring, improving and optimizing cellular efficiency. This program targets aging, inflammation, immune response, skin/hair health, muscular enhancement, sex drive and metabolism.


Hormone Replacement Therapies

For Men
Advitam’s Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) is customized to each patient and features an injectable protocol that may improve muscle mass muscle mass, sex drive, erection strength, energy, sleep and more.

Visits and treatments can be in office or virtual and shipped.

For Women
Advitam’s Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) is customized to each patient and features a pellet insertion protocol that improves hot flashes and night sweats, bone loss, sex drive and body fat.

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Additional Services

● Peptide Hair Restoration
● MIC Lipotropic Fat Burning Injections
● IV Vitamin Infusions
● Immune Boosting Injections
● Libido and Sexual Performance Kits
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The most natural way of looking and feeling like your younger self.