Ipamorelin (GHRP)

Properties / Benefits:
❖ Sequence: Aib-His-D-2-Nal-D-Phe-Lys-NH2
❖ MW = 711.85296 g/mol
❖ GHRP; third generation
❖ Increases GH release per somatotrope
❖ Selective agonist for ghrelin
❖ Stable form
❖ Suppresses somatostatin
Doesn’t raise cortisol, aldosterone, or prolactin levels
❖ At very large doses, was reported to give a large release of GH without desensitization
Doesn’t promote hunger
❖ Doesn’t have ghrelin’s lipogenic effects
❖ 2-hour half-life
Increases bone growth
❖ Improves GI recovery after bowel resection and it is a treatment for postoperative ileus

Clinical Pearls:
❖ When injecting: after the jab, introduce the medication very slowly; It is received by the pituitary gland very quickly activating it; this helps to reduce facial flushing, feeling warm, and tachycardia (rare, usually short-lived 5 minutes), injection site pruritus.
❖ If a patient is sensitive to injection site pruritus, avoid the abdominal fat and instruct them to inject it into the outer gluteal fat (which seems to be less sensitive there).

❖ Some recommend 100 mcg or 1 mg/kg (and believe there is a saturation dose)
➢ Industry standards however are quite different
➢ Can be dosed alone or w/GHRHs
Advitam Protocol- Cre8 Pharmacy:
➢ 9 mg vial
Reconstitute w/ 4.5mL Bacteriostatic Water
➢ Roll between hands for 30 seconds and then refrigerate the mixture when not in use
➢ Inject 20 units (400mcg) subcutaneously (belly fat or gluteus fat) at bedtime, at least 90 minutes after the last meal
5 days on, 2 days off

Possible side effects:
❖ Injection site erythema
❖ Injection site pruritus
❖ Peripheral edema