Description: (William Seeds, MD)

A naturally occurring copper peptide occurs in human plasma. As people age they lose the capacity for production. GHK-Cu demonstrates the ability to activate wound healing, regulate immune response, acts as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, and stimulate collagen synthesis. Research suggests that GHK-Cu helps to modulate gene expression with anti-aging benefits. 

❖ MW = 403.9242 g/mol
❖ Naturally occurring copper complex of glycyl-L-histidyl-L-lysine peptide
❖ Has a high affinity for copper
❖ First isolated from human plasma; it is also found in saliva and urine
❖ We lose GHK as we age; at 20 y/o the plasma level of GHk-Cu is about 200 ng/mL. By age 60, it declines to 80 ng/mL.
❖ Decline in GHK coincides with a noticeable decrease in the rejuvenating capacity of an organism

❖ Activates wound healing, including gastric
❖ Attracts immune cells
❖ Is an antioxidant
❖ Is an anti-inflammatory
❖ Stimulates collagen and glycosaminoglycan synthesis in skin and fibroblasts
❖ Modulates the activity of both metalloproteinases and their inhibitors
❖ Improves stem cells
❖ Defends against tumors
❖ Restores replicative vitality of fibroblasts after radiation therapy
❖ Helps regenerate skin; useful for diabetic skin ulcers
❖ In cosmetic products; GHK has been reported to
➢ Stimulate hair growth
➢ Tighten loose skin
➢ Improve elasticity
➢ Improve skin density and firmness
➢ Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
➢ Reduce photodamage and hyperpigmentation
➢ Increase Keratinocyte proliferation
➢Stimulate nail growth

Clinical Pearls:
❖ Have noticed some mild hypersensitivity issues with some patients including pruritus, and erythema local to the injection site. Have noticed moderate hypersensitivity, and urticaria extending away from the injection site.
❖ I recommend splitting the dose in half; administering half in the morning and half later on in the day.
❖ Anything more than mild local injection site irritation; we discontinue the use of this peptide
❖ Ask the patient if they know of having any copper sensitivities

❖ Inject 1,000- 2,000 mcg SubQ daily
❖ I recommend injecting 1,000 mcg SubQ BID
❖ No longer than 6 continuous weeks with at least 4 weeks off in between; Can utilize up to 3-4 times per year

Possible Side effects:
❖ Possibility of copper toxicity; monitor carefully
❖ The lunula of the nail turns blue (corrects after 4-6 weeks)